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Tehuacan Mineral Water

Agua Mineral Brillante

Our products are marketed in Retail services, Convenience Stores, Wholesale, Food Service and Traditional Distribution.


The Region of Tehuacan has several underground springs which have been carved through ancient times by the rain and natural thaw of the Citlaltepetl volcano better known as Pico de Orizaba.
As the spring thaws through the underground it dissolves carbonates among others salts which give the origen to the worldwide known healing mineral waters of Tehuacan, since time before the conquest.

Aguas Subterraneas

The human body itself releases several acid toxins that produce an instability of acids that the body needs and therefore causes unbalance in our base-acid produced by our body, this leads to a digestive disruptive or even more, chronic degenerative disorder.
It is said that the mere fact of drinking carbonated water of Tehuacan´s, Brillante, tends to neutralize radical acids in our body thus reinforcing the chemical equilibrium and reestablishing healthy issues.

Tehuacan. The first Hydro mineral centre in America!

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Agua Brillante